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    for all office, administrative & event planning needs

  • Virtual Services

    for all office, administrative & event planning needs

  • Virtual Services

    for all office, administrative & event planning needs

Virtual Assistant Services London Ontario
benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

Complete Admin Solutions offering virtual assistant services in London Ontario Canada, and throughout the world. If you need a virtual assistant in London Ontario, you have come to the right place! It doesn’t matter where or when you operate your business; Complete Admin Solutions can provide professional business solutions and virtual assistant services suited to you.

It doesn’t matter how long you spend working on your company some days; there will never be enough hour to accomplish everything that you want to. Complete Admin Solutions offers you a professional virtual assistant company located in Canada.

One of the many benefits to letting Complete Admin Solutions take care of your business is the extensive network of business contacts that we possess. No longer do you need to hire a web designer, an SEO content writer, social media manager, etc. we can organize everything that you need when you need it.
You don’t need to have people sitting in an office when you don’t need them. Saving you money on staff, office space and management services.

There are some excellent benefits that your business can take advantage of by having a professional virtual assistant standing by ready when you need them.
Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

• You only pay for time spent on a task or by the project.
• There is no payroll expenses, no paid vacation, no benefits, no bonuses, etc...
• We can handle your seasonal or periodic projects, and we are convenient when your current staff gets overloaded or during holidays.
• No need to purchase additional office equipment, furniture or computers
• We aren't limited to 9-5 hours, we are flexible to your company's needs

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have, I’m always happy to speak with potential clients about what I can do for your business. Let me tell you what I can do to help you with your business.


  • As a first-time ‘indie author’, I thought I had watched enough videos, attended enough webinars and bought enough software to self-publish. Finally, realized that if I wanted to get my several books published, I had to hire a professional formatter.
    I was so fortunate to find Chrissy at Complete Admin Solutions! Indie authors have so much to do in addition to the actual writing and there is such a steep learning curve to get it all done correctly look professional.
    I could never have done this without Chrissy who patiently and professionally walked me through the process and worked until every single aspect of two books was perfect. And she always responded to my pleas for help or questions thoroughly and quickly!
    I have several other books in various stages/ The only business I will use is this one. I’m also serving as publisher for my grandson’s book through my company, Dance in the Rain Media LLC, but I could never have done this without her help. Professional, thorough, patient with reasonable and fairly priced fees.

    Remy Agee, Adventure thru Imagination

  • Chrissy has been working with us for a while now. What I best like about Chrissy is her attitude which translates into finding out what she doesn’t know. She is dedicated in getting our product into a saleable position. Sometimes reading the time she spends in emails or texts provides an indication of the hours she dedicates to her business which translates into her dedication to her clients.

    Bob Bray, Dynamic Discovery

  • Chrissy has been instrumental in managing my company’s multi-faceted publication project. She effectively coordinates between team members across the globe and communicates with them clearly and efficiently. I have no doubt that having her on board as a project manager has not only increased the profitability of this project but has significantly improved the work flow among team members.

    George Smolinski, M.D, Creative Dynamics, LLC