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Virtual Assistant Services London Ontario Canada


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My name is Chrissy Hobbs, I’ll be your professional virtual assistant, and I am the owner and founder of Complete Admin Solutions. With over five years in the emergency communication sector, two years as a virtual assistant and several years on data entry, I have over ten year’s experience. I guarantee no project is more important to me than my client’s project.

I guarantee no project is more important to me than my client’s project.

We have all heard that old saying that there are only so many hours in a day, well, not any longer. By hiring virtual assistant services, you free up more of your valuable time to work on what you want or spend time with friends and family. I can take care of your business needs, and you can rest easier knowing that you’re receiving a professional and confidential virtual assistant service.

As a professional, I understand the very hectic and stressful schedules in your business and even in your personal life. Complete Admin Solutions is here to help your life all easier and stress-free. It is our goal to ensure that our valued customers will have more time to enjoy their lives while we take care and manage all of the small concerns their businesses may have. I could do the same thing for you!

Complete Admin Solutions offers administrative support services to local businesses and also operates throughout the world. Whatever your company deals with, and how far or near you are from us, you can always be sure that you have come to the right place where you can get the best administrative support services to have a smoother and faster operation process for your business.

Here Are Just a Few of the Projects That I’m Currently Working On

  • Data entry, phone services, website and advertising for a doctors practice
  • eBook services, formatting, managing clients, editing, proofreading, publishing
  • Hiring and managing contractors, managing projects, and deadlines
  • Website maintenance, social media, SEO and publishing for a counseling practice

With over ten years of experience in providing administrative support at competitive prices, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. I can do so much more for your business. I aim to give you peace of mind in managing everything about your business so let’s talk about your needs for administrative support today. Please feel free to contact me and discuss anything that you require and I will give you a personalized quote or consultation, free.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • You only pay for time spent on a task or by project
  • There is no payroll expenses, no paid vacation, no benefits, no bonuses, etc…
  • We can handle your seasonal or periodic projects. Simple and convenient, when your current staff gets overloaded or during holidays
  • No need to purchase additional office equipment, furniture or computers
  • We aren’t limited to 9-5 hours, we are flexible to the hours your companies needs


Feel free to contact me and let me tell you what I can do to help you with your business.